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Metropolitan Police Service Archives

Year: 1981

22 September 1980
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Made by me

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Oh, but autobiographies sound just so self-important, don't they? But, in the interest of providing a bit of direction, I can provide a few pieces of information that may explain the slighty random nature of this textual enterprise.

Ethnically, I am a hodge podge of alcohol-prone origins. Irish, Scottish, and Chickasaw. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Then pass it over here. No, seriously... just kidding.

Politically, I am my own human being. I am very liberal and conservative at the same time. Don't ask.

*points at self* Devout lapsed Catholic, make of that what you will.

I am an absolute anglophile of the first order, and my passport can prove it.

And I'm an absolute fangirl as well, which my passport can also prove. But not the creepy kind, I promise. I tend to hit that lot with sticks and give them a stern "no".

I am an unapologetic nerd who flirts with the vaguely hipster. You know the sort: gets all weepy after watching Doctor Who to cheer up. Guess it’s not that hip, but hey.

This is primarily a personal journal, with many fannish add-ons. Please see the above instruction and request to be added.

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